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New Systems, Expansion and Upgrading

As demand increases for large facilities and conference rooms to become more technology centered, facilities managers can rely on Tech Wave Communications to provide expansion of capabilities and upgrading of equipment to more contemporary standards. As the number and complexity of the individual pieces of equipment increases, it becomes increasingly important to provide for simplified controls and operations as part of the facility expansion or upgrade.

Computers and Networks

As security and audio visual industry moves to increased use of computers and IP data networks for communication, control and monitoring of remote technology, Tech Wave Communications provides the design and contract administration services required through process, innovation and technology employing dedicated Windows based computers and use of wired and wireless network access and control.

Facility Operation and Management

The operation and management requirements of modern facilities with their security systems, sound systems, projectors, control systems as well as computers and networks can sometimes exceed the capabilities of in-house staff to configure, troubleshoot and maintain them. As a result, it is increasingly common for organizations to outsource the management of their meeting facilities. Without adding to staff, the organizations can have ready access to the local technical xpertise necessary to get the full daily and long term benefits from their investments. Tech Wave Communications will provide and or recommend a number of Audio Visual systems specialty contractors and contract options to handle your facility operation and management needs.

Video Surveillance Systems

As security becomes increasingly important for hotels, businesses, art galleries and other public buildings, the use of access control technology and closed-circuit TV (CCTV) to monitor and record activity has also increased. Several new technologies permit installation of camera signal and power wiring in existing structures using existing telephone and computer network wiring. Digital imaging permits higher resolution pictures with greater flexibility for recording, archiving and processing for enhanced detail.  Tech Wave Communications provides the services necessary to ensure your requirements are met and you get the full daily and long term benefits from your investments.

Museum Exhibits

As Museums attempt to draw younger audiences there is increasing need for audio and video technologies to provide the public with interesting, informative and memorable xhibits. Tech Wave Communications designs and provides contract administration support using interactive touch screen video displays with computer based audio and video media players.

Background Music Systems

The use of background music in public spaces such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls retail stores, gyms and health spas has proven to be an excellent investment. Music can be used to set a mood, provide soothing ambiance and mask intrusive background noise. Improvements in speakers, amplifiers and music sources have enabled us to design and provide contract administration services for full frequency range background music systems with sound quality that approaches home music systems. Music sources include CD/MP3 Players, satellite music services and computer hard drive based music servers.

Digital Signage Systems

Digital signage is a form of electronic displays such as LCD, plasma display, LED display and projection systems that shows information, advertising and other messages such as arrival and departure of transportations, news and the weather.

Digital signage offers significant benefits that cannot be achieved using traditional static signs. With digital signage content are easily exchanged, motion video and other forms of animations can be shown, the signs can adapt to the context and audience and the displays can be interactive. The return on investment is far superior on digital signage compared to traditional printed signs. Digital signage must be done correctly for it to effectively meet the requirements of the client and target desired audience.

With our years of experiences and training Tech Wave Communications understands these requirements. We work through the details with the client, and their marketing team, provide detailed information that enable the project team to understand content creation and formats, content playback and management, network infrastructure requirements,  display types and resolution required to deliver effective messaging, PCs and other hardware requirements and the cost to deliver the required systems and annual operational cost.

Voice Announcement Systems