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Tech Wave Communications provides Consulting and Design services within the Audio Visual and Electronic Security industries for facility owners and managers who want to be provided with high quality, easy to use audio visual, sound systems, security technology and computerised control systems.

Our consultation and design services delivers highly cost effective and easy to use systems that are integrated for a wide range of applications including hotels, conference centres, meeting rooms, community centers, corporate boardrooms, ballrooms, banquet facilities, spas, galleries, restaurants and bars, museums, house of worship, theatres, performance spaces, transportation terminals, command and control rooms, council chambers, shopping malls, schools and university, medical facilities, trading floors and private residence.

These ranges from background music and voice announcement systems to complex security requirements for mental and criminal institutions, video and audio broadcasting, high output sound systems, corporate conference room audio visual room systems which integrate sound, projections, computers, networks, multiple displays, video conferencing and wireless room control with a variety of media players and content sources.

"We deliver complete solutions through process, innovation and technology"


Please visit and bookmark our “New http://techwavecom.com/



Please visit and bookmark our “New http://techwavecom.com/